Art Bridge Online

This six week long short course is aimed at exploring creativity and to providing skills and opportunities to do so with regular online tutor support, as well as the positive sharing of experiences and ideas with other learners.

Although this 6 week taster has now ended the course is still available to view and take part in on your own time. The focus of the 6 weeks was to build on your artistic skill-set and to inspire you with creative exercises. Artists were encouraged to think broadly and become actively involved in a closed online group where you can reflect on work and engage with peers to share ideas and expand on your knowledge. If you would like to get involved in the Art Bridge online course please get in contact. 

Artists involved have:

  1. Gained insight into creative thinking and practice and used this knowledge to support their work.
  2. Built on their drawing skills and general artistic awareness and then undertaken two projects over four weeks which introduced some art history and context.
  3. Began to build a discussion group with fellow learners in order to share ideas, work and support and to build experience and confidence in discussing own creativity and artwork in a positive and encouraging environment.
  4. Reflected and evaluated their experience and the work they have made, giving them further insight into their own creative practice as well as further creative avenues to follow in the future.

For more info:

The Art Bridge Online platform has great potential and we are exploring uses for it in our Art Bridge 2 course coming soon. However if you are interested in taking part in online learning we can tailor the platform to specific needs. For more information please contact Lucy or Caroline on 01452 863855 or