Julia Godden


In my work, I am influenced and respond to, the interplay of my immediate surroundings, and internal reality and processes. So, I attempt to capture feelings of the moment: such as joy, grief and playfulness together with inspirations. That might be through nature, pattern, my love of India. Musical beats. A conversation.

My paintings have an element of playful childlike expressions, infusing playful energy to uplift the viewer. Applying a variety of textures to build my work I enjoy gestural mark-making, colour blocking, scribbles, using an array of mixed media, and acrylic paint. Materials are layered to create a rich tapestry of emotion.

Many layers of paint are applied, so that many stories unfold and possibilities emerge organically. The body of work comes together through choices that are both deliberate using the thinking process (rational mind) but also intuitive and unplanned. Often having no idea what the end product might look like. This is part of the excitement and intrigue. Exploring the natural unfolding in art and within nature and life cycles, whilst observing the changes and transitory states.


Audio Description: Winter Series 





Winter Series

Mixed Media, 2018

Julia golden







Julia Godden Art Shape


To see more, you can visit Julia Godden's page from the Re Collections exhibition here.

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