RE: Julia Godden

I am influenced by and respond to the interplay of my immediate surroundings, and internal reality and processes. I attempt to capture feelings of the moment: such as joy, grief and playfulness together with inspirations. That might be through nature, pattern, my love of India, musical beats, a conversation…

My paintings have an element of playful, childlike expression, infusing energy to uplift the viewer. Enjoying, gestural mark-making, colour blocking, scribbles, using an array of mixed media, and acrylic paint. Applying a variety of textures to build my work, the materials are layered to create a rich tapestry of emotion.

Through the layers many stories unfold and possibilities emerge organically. The body of work comes together through choices that are both deliberate using the thinking process (rational mind) also intuitive and unplanned for. 

The work evolves and this is part of the excitement and intrigue, reflecting the natural unfolding within nature and life cycles, whilst observing the changes and transitory states.

The work centres on words and phrases chosen from various rooms throughout the museum that I feel connected with. It references terms of expectations of men, women and children that can still be felt in present times under a patriarchal society.


Look Beyond The Obvious

I'm interested and curious about personal feelings that are evoked from the many visitors who have walked the floors, and through the walls various conversations have taken place and can be overheard.  Thereby including the very colours on the walls and floors in my work, my own personal response to what is arbitrarily presented as part of the museum experience.  

The series is informed by my interest between what is here and now, what is living, what has been before and what remains and what traces are left behind. 

Layers are built up on the substrate showing the history of the painting, and some words or letters emerging throughout the layers juxtaposed with the colours found throughout the museum, texturally applied and scraped away in a composition that remains abstract. Line drawings are the flora that I felt drawn to from the secret garden. 




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