Journey to Freedom (3/3)

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Journey to Freedom, 3 out of 3. Mixed media art work which has toured in numerous exhibitions throughout Gloucestershire. As part of Journey to Freedom triptych.


Medium: Mixed Media


Size: H 620 x W 600 x D 310 mm

Out of the Shadows she came.

Fingers clawing at the dusty ground. Desperate to find a human connection. Someone that would hear her screams. Those silent screams that accompany madness. 


Her rasps bearly available above the thud, thud, thud, of her beating heart. Nails broken & bleeding. Leaving trails of dispair on the filthy floor. 


Hair long & wild, 

covering her sallow complextion. Her once pretty face, a ruin now. Lips dry and cracked, stuck to her tongue that protruded from her mouth like a shrivelled slug.Out of the shadows she crawled - reaching for the light. 

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