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Art Shape runs a countywide programme of arts courses and projects with a specific focus on disability issues and social inclusion.

Established in 1993, we are a small band of dedicated workers, passionate about supporting and enabling people facing barriers to realise their creative and learning potential. We do this in many and various ways, working closely with communities and their leaders and responding to need.

We target our activities at providing opportunities for adults and children facing disabling barriers, particularly learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health service users and survivors, victims of domestic abuse and older people.

We strive to aid community cohesion, bringing diverse groups together to work on projects and get involved in community events. Art Shape’s distinct skill in socially inclusive practice is developing tailor made provision to meet specific needs of individuals, communities and organisations and directly engaging people through the arts on their own terms.

What We Do:

Provide a countywide programme of inclusive arts courses and projects

Offer training for professionals and non-professionals in inclusive arts facilitation

As a founding member of Create Gloucestershire work to inform policy and strategy both locally and nationally

Work with individuals, groups, communities, organisations and partners to promote everyone’s right to creative experience as well as identifying gaps in provision and designing programmes of work to bridge these gaps

Provide bespoke training courses and information, advice and progression guidance to aid personal and professional development in the arts


Art Shape's latest Annual Reports

  • Annual Report 2020/22
  • Annual Report 2018/19
  • Annual Report 2015
  • Annual Report 2013
  • Annual Report 2012

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