Art in the Workplace

Art Shape's belief in the transformative power of art informs our approach towards the creation of art for public spaces


At Art Shape we believe in the power of arts to change lives and improve health and wellbeing; there is a growing body of evidence that agrees with us.

Research has shown that art in the workplace increases productivity, engages and inspires staff and can address key challenges such as reducing stress, increasing creativity and encouraging expression of opinion.

We offer companies a variety of ways to harness the power of art in their environment and make a statement that reflects their character, ethos, values and spirit; after all a picture speaks a thousand words.

We have a long history of working with companies to develop their ideas into a piece of public art. Our first major piece of civic outdoor work was in1998. Commissioned by Lister Petter, it was a dynamic venture into the future inspired by the past.

This unique and special street furniture was designed by artists inspired by drawings from Lister Petter engines. Made of teak and steel these sculptural seats and bollards were cast at the Lister Petter foundry and installed in Dursley town centre.




St Paul’s Narrative Planter

St Paul’s Narrative Planter – commissioned by Cheltenham Borough Council in partnership with the St Paul’s Residents Association. This piece of public art captured local residents' thoughts, stories, drawings and memories and rendered them in steel in the form of a giant planter.





InsideOUT – a sculpture commissioned by the Forestry Commission for an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Forest of Dean. Their aim was to encourage under- represented groups into the natural landscape. The result was the Wye Man, born from a collaboration between artists Nick Tommey, Matthew West and a group of artists with learning disabilities who drew in response to the landscape. The Wye Man incorporated a seat and was sited to reveal a beautiful view.





Branch of Birds

Branch of Birds - commissioned by the NHS in partnership with Macmillan Next Steps Cancer Rehabilitation and Charlie’s community cancer support and therapy centre. A group of patients and their families worked with mosaic artist Emily Lawlor to create a permanent artwork for the centre.





Matson Flock Installation

Commissioned by Gloucestershire Gateway Trust. This project created a flock of willow and iron sheep and lambs. Each was made by a different group local to Gloucester Services.

These groups included community groups such as playgroups, older people, and schools. Staff teams from organisations were also involved including Matson police, the library, the GEM project team and customers and staff from Gloucester Services who were led by local artist Harriet West.

The flock have roamed and been seen in various public spaces in Matson and wintered at Gloucester Services on the M5 much to the delight of the community, staff and customers.





Commissioned by the Three Choirs Festival. Photographer Amy Freeman spent time documenting music therapy sessions in various care homes in Gloucestershire.

Her sensitive portraits of staff and residents portrayed the joy and engagement of those taking part in
the sessions and after featuring in an exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral were returned to the care homes where they were created.

These case studies demonstrate Art Shape’s rich experience in bringing people from all walks of life together. Some of the examples are large sculptural installations and some are small creative projects involving staff, stakeholders and customers. We believe that involving people and valuing their creativity represents an investment for any organisation, providing skills, exploring creative potential and enhancing communication.

There are ways of incorporating art into your work place suitable for all organisations' budgets. An initial consultation with us will create a bespoke package in accordance with your budget and aspirations. We can enhance your environment with art work for your walls or advise on commissioned work large or small.

Let us help you create impact and inspiration in your work place.




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