Disability Advisory Board

Disability Advisory Board

The DAB was set up, with an inaugural meeting in October 2019, by the Arts Inc partnership (led by Art Shape) to address needs identified by several partners.

There are currently 15 members, including Accessible Gloucestershire, Art Shape, Barnwood Trust, Cheltenham Festivals, Inclusion Glos, Create Glos, and Gloucester Culture Trust.

The group has been established to facilitate sustained dialogue and quality listening between disabled professionals and self-selected organisations delivering arts and/or disability inclusion services in Gloucestershire that leads to positive action

The DAB aims to:

  • Give disabled individual artists / arts professionals the confidence, skills and / or experience needed to take on more leadership / senior positions in Gloucestershire’s arts sector (if they wish)
  • Give all DAB members increased disability confidence and awareness through which to better embed the Creative Case for Diversity in their organisations and working / artistic practice
  • Support cooperative working towards shared aims for the county’s arts sector
    Membership is open to individuals (artists, arts managers and/or access specialists) and arts and/or inclusion-focused organisations who share a commitment to create an arts sector in Gloucestershire enriched by more disabled people.





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