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Art Shape's Education programme is funded by Adult Education in Gloucestershire, courses are free to anyone who is aged 19+, living in Gloucestershire and meet the eligibility criteria. 

 Art Shape are committed to making all of our provision as accessible as possible, so if you have any questions about these courses, or would like to be added to the mailing list for information on upcoming courses, do not hesitate to contact us on 01452 863855 or email


First Steps courses

Places are free for participants who are below a full level 2 in their education and are looking to build confidence and to gain new skills. If you are interested in one of these courses but do not meet the criteria, a £30.00 contribution is required.


The Sketchbook Sessions - FULLY BOOKED
Mondays on Zoom
Nov 6th - Dec 4th
10am - 11am
Each week you will join in with a creative activity, designed to get you started, exploring all sorts of ideas. Using basic materials, this is a chance to fill a sketchbook with activities and ideas that you can explore later on. No experience needed, just be willing to try out some fun artistic and creative ideas that will get you ready to start the week.
Ready, Thready, Go - FULLY BOOKED
Tuesdays at the Folk Museum
Nov 7th - Dec 12th
10am - 12pm
Come and stitch with us! On this course we will try new sewing techniques, experiment with texture and create your own pattern design. A great group for someone who enjoys taking time to stitch and add details in interesting ways.


Making and Mending - FULLY BOOKED
Mondays at the Herrington Rooms
Nov 13th - Dec 18th
1pm - 3pm
Ever wanted to learn how to sew? Give it a go with this new course. Each week you will be learning a little about hand and machine sewing to make some simple useful bags which you can give as gifts. Using recycled materials and new skills you will soon be sewing all sorts of things! This course will include a visit to the Holst Victorian House Museum in Cheltenham to look at how women learnt to sew in the past.


Exploring Patterns - FULLY BOOKED
Fridays on Google Classrooms
Nov 10th - Dec 1st
Please join us on this FREE online course Exploring Patterns with a twist. Discover how a wide range of patterns are constructed, how artists use them and what YOU can decorate or make using the patterns you create on the course.


Mixed Media Skies - FULLY BOOKED
Tuesdays on Zoom
Oct 10th - Nov 21st
10am - 11am
Inspired by the beautiful colours and patterns that nature presents us in the sky,
we will explore a variety of mixed media techniques such as paint, pastel, collage and inks, to achieve a range of interesting interpretations that take inspiration from other artists and our own observations. 




Employability courses

Places are free for participants who are below a full level 2 in their education, and / or are unemployed or low waged (up to £20,319 per year). If you are interested in one of these courses but do not meet the criteria, a £50.00 contribution is required.


Riveted Realm - FULLY BOOKED
Mondays at Art Shape

Nov 27th - Dec 18th

10am - 3pm
Get your spanner and rivet guns ready as we are going to explore the amazing world of steampunk. We will experiment with a variety of media to create strange but familiar items such as the iconic bird mask worn by plague doctors and other accessories. This course follows on from the Steampunked course last year but it is also suitable for beginners.


Creating Depth in Writing - FULLY BOOKED
Thursdays on Google Classrooms

Oct 19th - Dec 14th 
Have you ever started writing and felt stuck because your writing seems superficial or underdeveloped? In this course we we’ll explore ways to deepen your writing, focussing on three-dimensional characters and relationships; places and atmosphere, and communicating events. We’ll examine styles and techniques used by professional writers which can help engage the reader. Get ready to plunge into a story you’d love to convey to the world… you may find it’s hidden depths along the way!




Local Flex courses

Places are free for participants who are below a full level 2 in their education, and / or are unemployed or low waged (up to £20,319 per year). If you are interested in one of these courses but do not meet the criteria, a £50.00 contribution is required.


Tree of Life - FULLY BOOKED
Mondays at The Dean Heritage Centre

Oct 16th - Nov 20th

10.30am - 2.30pm
Explore the use of natural materials to produce interesting and unusual artwork
with an organic twist. Take inspiration from the stunning colours found in an Autumnal Forest of Dean setting. Your work will be exhibited at the Dean Heritage Centre, highlighting how spending time amongst the trees positively impacts on our mental health and wellbeing.




Booking is Essential 

It is essential that you book your place on our courses. We aim to provide a learning environment that is safe and comfortable for our learners therefore each course has a set number of available spaces. Courses are popular so please book in advance to secure your place. Turning up on the day without booking may cause disappointment if the class is full. Also if there are any unforeseen changes that occur before the start of a course, learners that are booked on can be easily contacted and informed of those changes. To book a place or for more information email or call 01452 863855.

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