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Partnership opportunities with Art Shape

Together we can create exciting new business relationships which compliment shared values and benefit us both

Partnering with a charity is good for business 



It shows your commitment to the local community and the arts
It shows you are an ethical company that likes to give something back
It can raise your profile
It can save you money
It can creatively enhance your staff and workplace



Train your team

Our experienced team can deliver bespoke training packages that include: Becoming Disability Confident, Creative Team Building and Staff Wellbeing

Give something back

Joint fundraising events can be a great team building activity

Bespoke volunteer programmes help attract new talent and aid staff retention

Donating time can be as valuable as money

Raise your profile

Mutual marketing and publicity helps us both, we are well connected across the county

Sponsor a Carnival/community procession

Learn more about Gloucester's annual carnival here

Tax relief

Donation money or assets mean you may pay less corporation tax

Charities get an 80 - 100% discount on business rates. Why not rent your empty space out on a low rent?

Commission us

Enhance your work enviroment by commissioning art from our talented artists

Involve your team and stakeholders to make decisions and even collaborative art

We can work with you to produce company mugs, office stationary, Christmas cards and beautiful products that will make you stand out from the competetion and brighten your work space


Visit our shop to see examples of our products here


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Wellbeing at Work

Disability Training

Art in the Workplace



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