Gloucestershire Creative Health Consortium


Anyone in Gloucestershire, whoever they are and whatever age they are, will be able to manage their own health and wellbeing in new ways, through access to ongoing creative health options.



Gloucestershire Creative Health Consortium members started working together in 2014, each having specialisms and areas of focus around social prescribing. It was clear that establishing a Creative Health Consortium concentrating on Arts on Prescription would offer a best practice, strategically joined up approach. The focus being on those requiring, and those referring into these services, along with strengthening relationships between providers, sector support, and funders.

We work in close partnership with NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group who commission a diverse and rich portfolio of creative health programmes to meet population need and increase the likelihood of high quality outcomes for individuals and communities.



The consortium exists to inspire, nourish and surprise you/people with creative ways to manage your/their health.

To find out more or make a referral to any of the Gloucestershire Arts on Prescription providers please follow the link to their webpage:




We provide a county-wide range of creative programmes and courses with a specific focus on access for those with disabling barriers

Age group: children, young people and adults

Specialisms: Disability, Diabetes, Epilepsy


Specialist creative health charity providing arts on prescription with proven health benefits for people registered with a GP in Gloucestershire or Wiltshire.

Age group: 18+

Specialisms: Mental Health, Pain, Cancer



Specialises in offering fully inclusive, accessible creative opportunities across art forms for people of any age or ability.

Age group: All ages (course dependent)

Specialisms: Long term health conditions including mental ill health, disability and inclusion. Children and young people. Circus



Specialises in children and young people with Long Term Conditions, and Mental health trailblazer programmes. 

 Age group: Children & young people

Specialisms: Diabetes, Pain



Mindsong's focus is on music and health, using a range of professionals from HCPC registered music therapists and vocal leaders. 

Their AoP work is Breathe in Sing out for people with chronic lung disease. 

 Age group: 18+

 Specialisms: Lung conditions including Long Covid, dementia, carers, aphasia


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