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Art Shape has a long tradition of taking part in Gloucester Carnival and, in 2012, co-founded the Carnival Arts Partnership (CAP).

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Current Projects

Open Road (2020 - 21)

We’re exploring how applying the (architectural / design) principles of ‘Universal Design’ (UD) can better enable a wider diversity of performers, with different movement possibilities, to access a high-quality parade project. We will be using choreographic and dance training tools developed by CAP partner Dance Unstuck.

The collaborative team include disabled and non-disabled professionals and participants, including:

- Disabled professional dancers Hearns Sebuado, Laura Dajao and Maiya Leeke

- Inclusion / UD specialist Jürg Koch

- Carnival specialist choreographer Manuela Benini

- Costume Designer Harriet West, and Structure Maker Matthew West


Action research for this parade piece is part of a national project, ‘Open Road’, which is addressing the barriers disabled people face in accessing Carnival. Partners are New Carnival Company (Isle of Wight), Together 2012! (London) and Callaloo Carnival Arts (nr. Huddersfield).


The project includes:

- In July 2020: explore application of the UD approach, as well as characterisation, movement possibilities and artistic content with the professional team online.

- In Aug 2020: work with 10+ disabled participants through 3 workshops.

- In Dec 2020: event to share learning and resources to date with local and national partner organisations.

- In summer 2021: work with a cast of professionals and community performers to create an inclusive parade piece for Gloucester Carnival

- In July 2021: share learning and resources at the Association of Events Management Education annual conference, Brighton.

- In July 2021: perform at Gloucester Carnival!

Interested in getting involved with Carnival 2021, click here!

- In December 2021: Symposium in partnership with University of Gloucestershire to share learning and plan for improved inclusion and access at future events.



CAP Development (2020)

 In 2020 we’re working with our partners to:

- Put in place an infrastructure and plans to support sustainability of Gloucester Carnival and CAP development work

- Keep CAP artists, trainees, volunteers and community group leaders engaged through masterclasses and convening of a Programming Group

(click here where further info re. applying to join our Programming Group will be posted)

- Design a programme celebrating the City’s diverse communities through which to enhance our offer in Gloucester Park in 2021

- Develop resources through which to improve the experience of disabled audience members at Gloucester Carnival



Future Frameworks (2019)

In 2019 the CAP piloted some new ways of working and invested in a Trainee scheme to bring through a new generation of Carnival artists. This included:

- Supporting 7 trainees to develop skills and confidence through mentored creation of 2 parade pieces (the Dragon and the Diabeasties)

- Masterclasses, training and coaching sessions

- Producer peer-learning around disability inclusion with Cowley Road Carnival organisers

- Research and development of packages of support for promotion to schools, businesses and community groups

- A ‘Spring into Carnival’ community engagement event

- Piloting a ‘Mas Camp’ at The Olympus Theatre in Barton Street

- Piloting a drumming and percussion group, ‘Global Rhythms’


 'Movements & Mobilisation’ project 2018

Through artist training, mentoring from national specialists and creation of a parade project integrating professional and community performers (including disabled participants, school children and dancers of South Asian descent), we worked to:

- Share and advance practice around inclusive parade choreography and carnival making skills
- Encourage broader participation by disabled people, those of South Asian descent and schools
- Raise aspirations around the quality of Gloucester Carnival’s parade
- Raise national profile and relationships to support future plans


Click here to download the full project description and summary of learning.


Broadening Access to Carnival Parade Choreography

In 2018, CAP members drew together dance collaborators with diverse skills and experience to explore how the ‘Universal Design of Instruction’ approach (as developed through Dance Unstuck) could create more equitable access to parade choreography for a diversity of performers.

Watch the film below to find out more about the approaches we used and how they impacted:



Carnival 2017 Development Project

In 2017, with Gloucester Culture Trust support, the Carnival Arts Partnership members and associate artists worked with Mandinga Arts to raise aspirations and quality, with a focus on performance, audience interaction and characterisation. Please see our film below:


CAP Access Information

Carnival Arts Partners have been focused since 2012 on making Gloucester Carnival a truly inclusive and integrated event.  To support our aim of bringing disabled artists and participants to the heart of Carnival activities, and of making it a welcoming experience for disabled audiences, we would welcome any input, feedback or ideas you may have.

Please click here to download our current Access Statement.


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