Multiply Courses

Art Shape's Multiply programme is funded by Adult Education in Gloucestershire, courses are free to anyone who is aged 19+, living in Gloucestershire and have below a level 2 in Maths (or want to improve their confidence in Maths). 


Art Shape are committed to making all of our provision as accessible as possible, so if you have any questions about these courses, or would like to be added to the mailing list for information on upcoming courses, do not hesitate to contact us on 01452 863855 or email



Ready, Thready, Go 3
Tuesdays at the Folk Museum
April 9th - May 28th
10am - 12pm
Come and stitch with us! On this course we will try new sewing techniques, experiment with texture and create your own pattern design. A great group for someone who enjoys taking time to stitch and add details in interesting ways.

Upcycling Chairs
Tuesdays at the Art Shape Studio
May 7th - 28th
10am - 2pm
On this course you will bring an old, tired chair back to life with colour, pattern and imagination! We will look at famous artists as inspiration and consider a range of ideas to use as a theme. Beginning with sanding and priming the chair, we will then have fun painting each week using acrylics. Our designs will consider symmetry and repetition and we will use ratios to work out how to mix a range of colours and tones! You may have an old wooden chair that you would like to use or we can source one for you.



You can download our 'Winter Warmers' Recipe book below. This was created as part of a Multiply engagement activity. 

Winter Warmers Recipe Book

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