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Become a disability confident organisation


Did you know that three quarters of disabled people and their families have left a shop or business because of poor customer service or lack of disability awareness?
The spending power of people with a disability is worth £212 billion to our economy; this is known as the Purple Pound. A company which is not disability-aware risks losing a slice of this pie.



Art Shape offer innovative and interactive training that has supported a wide range of organisations to be more confident to serve those with a disability.




Take our disability self assessment to explore and shape ways in which your organisation can be guided to:


Identify a range of disabling barriers - not always visible

Discuss how these barriers impact on the experience of customers and staff

Explore the ways in which your organisation can promote and practice inclusion for all

Gain a deeper understanding of the Social Model of Disability

Identify and explore ways in which reasonable adjustments can be made within your organisation to allow the greatest access for your staff and customer base

Initial consultation will inform and shape any training package to the needs of your company


"The disability awareness training has helped inform our planning and has raised awareness across our organisation." - training participant


"This made me think from a very different point of view and opened my eyes to disability awareness." - training participant


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