Alley Stallard

Alley Stallard Odyssey Art Shape

My Photographic Odyssey 
Ultra HD metallic crystal pearl photograph paper


My journey as an artist is not that dis-similar to Odysseus’, in that it has taken me 10 years to find myself again after a serious car accident stole my identity, leaving me in a wheelchair for an entire decade. My journey back from some of my darkest moments has been magical, colourful and made me a much better person than I ever was, appreciating every moment of my new life. I trained firstly as a makeup artist, then costume designer and finally, a photographer, allowing me to combine all 3 of these arts to create fantasy images. That couldn’t make me any happier; finally I have found the person I was destined to become - wife, mother and artist. Come to the exhibition to see the rest of my fantasy art and read “My Odyssey”, the book I have created to coincide with my images, so you can understand my journey as an artist. Sometimes, you have to hit the bottom to know how it feels to be at the very top. Look forward to seeing you there, at another of my exciting adventures, in my ever evolving Odyssey.

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