Celebration of learning

The aim of the project is to capture on film, an average week of Art Shape Adult Learning Provision. Highlighting the innovative, supportive and creative teaching and celebrating the quality of learning taking place through the exciting artwork being made, performances, music etc.

A lead artist/ film-maker Chris Chelliah visited a selection of classes across the county; for example, classes, such as ‘Fine Art’ at The University of Gloucestershire, where learners, are engaged in painting, sculpture, printmaking etc. and the ‘Express yourself’ a drama course at the Guildhall.

Chris worked alongside the classes working with the students to plan, interview, direct and film the class. The learners are instrumental in the making of the film. The learners discussed ideas with their peers and tutors, which related to their individual classes and what they would like to say about their learning experience. The learners have been involved in all aspects of film making, it will be our learner’s interpretation of their learning experience and a celebration of learner and the various art forms created.

The film is intended to be primarily a celebration of learning and artistic excellence and a promotional/marketing tool. Then secondly a promotional/marketing tool.

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