Claire Smith


As a writer I work with speculative poetry. My subject matter is other worlds: myth, fairy tale, folklore, the supernatural, and history. My past work includes a siren inviting sailors for dinner, a fossilised forest, techno-witches, and an extension of the Red Riding-Hood fairytale from the wolf’s point of view.

Sometimes I draw on motifs, from my acute episodes of illness, and transform them into poems and prose. I take disturbing experiences and re-interpret them through the speculative genre.

I write as both a woman and as someone managing the attitudes of others towards my mental health. My main intention is to make my readers think about, and to challenge, their perspectives on normality: social conventions, stereotyping, and taboo around mental health.

I want to start conversations challenging everyday perceptions of the world. How much of our constructed reality do we share? Also, how much is our own mythologizing?


A Collective Poem (based on The Odyssey(s)) – Please Participate!’
Collaborative poem


Audio Description



You can more of Claire's work by visiting her page from the Re Collections exhibition here.

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