Hilmare Hotz

The only Consistency is Change. During my Masters study, the sea, movement and paradoxically, ‘stillness’ first inspired me. Whereas before, I had a need to express emotions.

I am a very intuitive artist.

From the beginning of my art career, I was massively influenced by Expressionism,
as my work was mostly an honest expression of emotions and real life experiences. Working on big canvasses became a thrill and a new challenge for me. My work naturally then progressed to Abstract Expression; during most of my career and studies I was obviously influenced by other artists working similarly, by my teachers and fellow artists.

While studying for my M.A at UCF in Cornwall, I became hugely inspired by the sea. My work then naturally, progressed into more abstract work.

Patterns of life, movement and Nature, became more important than the sometimes wild and very emotive work. It brought more conscious contact with spirituality. Going with the flow of things, letting go and persistently moving forward, uncovering more Truths to life.

“But who can straighten out water? Water is the essence of life and is therefore Lao Tzu’s favourite image of Tao.”


Into the Blue Hilmare Holtz

Out of the Blue
Oil on Canvas 
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