Lisa Medcalf-Woodward

Lisa Medcalf-Woodward Wheeltrims Odyssey

The Unfinished Fence Panel
Wheel Trim Installation


I am ‘’Lisa the Womble Woman’’ a picker up of lifes unconsidered trifles. I am a rubbish artificer. I see the potential in the things that others throw away. Financial constraints have led to inventiveness and improvisation. Each piece I make is unique. ’use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without’’

Rubbish as resource presents challenges, however this is mitigated by the endless supply of throw away items. I use the ‘’try it out’’ method which has led to successes and some happy accidents. By using rubbish I can experiment, so I have the opportunity for limitless possibilities and discoveries.

As a rubbish artificer I challenge the ‘’throwaway culture’’ giving new and significant value to rubbish by transforming it into pieces of usable art.


Audio Description - Wheel Trims


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