RE: Alex Rhodes

I'm an abstract mixed media artist. I have bi-polar disorder and this has made it difficult to work consistently. However in the pockets of space between episodes and depression, I am able to work; and it makes me feel I am doing what I am meant to be doing in life. It is a way I can access a world that is beyond the constraints of the everyday and challenge myself in a way that I enjoy. Each time I make a piece of abstract work I have no idea exactly how it will end up. There is no 'reality' I am trying to duplicate, each piece is an expression of something that mystifies me as much as the next person. In the end the question boils down to, do I like it? If the answer is yes, it gets to stay out of the recycling.  If you like it; it gets to hold your attention for a while and I hope engage you positively on a subconscious level.



Alchemical Muse

This piece was inspired by the caisian artefact collection. I lived in Stroud for many years and would visit fairly often with my son. It was my favourite exhibit. I was fascinated by the alchemical notion of turning milk into plastic and the beauty of the items, far more rarefied and lovely than most plastics you see around us. I'm a Vegan now, for the most part, so I'm very glad the idea did not take off, but I'm still inspired by the idea therein. If we can do that, what other wonders can we perform in the spirit of planet conserving progress?




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