RE: Anna Ryan

Using my background in traditional patchwork and quilting I have grown my practice to create modern, flowing pieces of work.  My work focuses on the relationship between the manmade and natural world which I see on my daily walks around my local community.  Being both mindful of the environment and looking for the places where these two worlds collide.  I use both machine and hand embroidery techniques, along with patchwork/quilting to create one-off pieces that explore shape, pattern and space.

At present I am experimenting with creating 3D work which allows me to create shadow and depth within my work.


Where History Meets Nature

This piece focuses on one of the windows at the front of the building. I find windows fascinating because they allow you to see partly into the building but not every detail of the rooms content. The excitement and wonder of the unknown.

This is a layered textile piece comprised of 5 layers through which you see the grey/black of the room.

I have focused on the stonework and foliage around the window from the wisteria, the depths of the greens and the way they guide your eye into the unknown in the room.

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