RE: Clancy Ward

Artist, experimentalist, empathist.

My mission is to create beautiful works of art that are accessible to all. Many of my pieces are durable and tactile, designed for people with visual impairment to be able to feel and experience the art.

Through my life experiences, travelling and working as a radiographer and my commitment to acquiring artistic skills, I have become familiar with anatomy and the fragility of the human psyche. I have overcome my own barriers, to fulfill my need to create and share.



Influenced by folk and aboriginal art, I created a tactile painting so that everybody can feel and experience this piece. With the difficult task of distilling the images invoked by the museum's multitude of artifacts, I chose the shape of the measuring triangle (from the metal collection) to contain the myriad of colours and patterns inspired by the toy collection and the beautiful gardens.

The image has also been put onto a deck of playing cards and a jigsaw puzzle so that people can further interact with the art.



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