RE: Hannah Morgan

During the last few years I have mainly worked in oil paint because I want to accurately convey emotional experiences through veils of colour and tone. My own perceptions, visual understandings and memories can be incorporated into the work by using this approach which is the antithesis of other mediums such as traditional photography in which the aim is often to create sharp images of an objective, external reality.

In working with layers of un-naturalistic colour, contrasting marks and textures, I am able to combine figurative, abstract and illustrative elements to represent the seen, the remembered and the imagined. 

I am inspired by the work of Peter Doig, Howard Hodgkin and contemporary illustration. 

Having experienced severe illness over the last few years, although I always start out with the intention of creating work that is uplifting, there is inevitably a sense of sadness in my work sometimes evidenced by my use of cool and heightened colour combinations and the demeanour of figures in a veiled setting.


The Memory of Trees 

For this exhibition I have enjoyed creating 3d work inspired by the landscape surrounding the museum which I have a fondness for after living for some years in the area, and as a response to the ‘home’ and ‘toy and ‘game’ scenes in the museum. 

‘The Memory of trees’ looks at the cycles of life and how the changing generations are witnessed by ancient trees.  Blackened childrens’ building blocks represent changes in time, growth and decay, the past, and the use of trees and wood for human benefit.

The photographs of the park have been represented as if they are from the past, printed in sepia and set in resin. An old photo of the museum is used on the blocks as a jigsaw. 



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