RE: Jackie Drinkwater

My work is often inspired by and explores specific environmental and cultural issues.

An intention is to engage people in this subject matter through my work. Living on a Dutch Barge gives a different perspective on daily life and makes an impact on observations and decisions, which shape my practice.

A background in Graphic Design underpins the making processes. Shaped motifs form a strong focus.

A variety of mediums and a varied means of expression, such as the use of linocuts and torn paper enable me to hone my techniques to the articulation of a wide range of images.


The Moth

The piece I have created in inspired by the Museum's insect collection.

I used linocut prints on coloured paper and played with the moth motifs on a painted canvas, experimenting with how the pattern and shapes work together to make a pleasing image.

I am strongly influenced by nature and one of my intentions is to bring environmental issues to a wider audience.

I particularly enjoy the cutting process of the Lino, I have also worked with woodcarving, using my hands is important to me as is the design process which stems from my background in Graphic Design.



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