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St Nicholas Church - Future Use and Conservation - Public Consultation - Have your Say

The Churches Conservation Trust and Art Shape would like your thoughts and ideas on St. Nicholas and its future. The Public consultation event held in the church in September 2009 was about showing a range of things that could happen in a building like this.

The building, currently used for occasional exhibitions and workshops, is now closed as a place of worship but it’s still a part of the city’s heritage - we believe it should play more of an active role in people’s lives.

The Churches Conservation Trust would like this building to have a future where it is open and used again, regularly by everyone. For this to happen, we need to develop ideas that will give it a viable future and Art Shape have some ideas that we would like your views on. We very much want this building to become a place that is used by all and welcome your thoughts and ideas about what uses would best encourage this. We would also like your thoughts on the building itself, to help us assess its significance to people.

  • Keep you updated on the progress of Art Shape and the CCT in developing a new life for the building,
  • Plan future events, and;
  • Support applications for funding.

The future use and conservation of St. Nicholas' is now open to public consultation. Please download, fill in and return the form below and have your say.


Download the consultation form here

When completed please return to: 
Art Shape,
Court Farm,  Court Road,
Brockworth, Gloucestershire


Nicholas Church was built in approximately 1190 and is located on Westgate Street and has been designated as a Grade 1 listed building by English Heritage.

It is a prominent feature on the Gloucester skyline and is well documented throughout the history of Gloucester.

Further information is available by clicking here

Here is an animation made by children aged 4-12 at the Animation Workshop held at St Nicholas' during the Public Consultation Event in September 2009

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