Carers to Enablers

The ‘Carers to Enablers’ research project was funded by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS)

This was after Art Shape identified the need to train carers and key workers accompanying participants to Art Shape classes or any activity, to give them the skills and confidence to provide appropriate support to the students in their care that will enhance the learning experience and allow the participants to reach their full learning capabilities.

In turn this will support tutors to improve the quality of both teaching and learning on Art Shape's Adult Education Programme classes and workshops.

The research project resulted in a training package for both the carers and the tutors. The pack includes a DVD and 3 leaflets, one specifically for the carer, one for the tutor and one, importantly, for the employer of carers/key workers to make them aware of the difference the interaction of the accompanying carer can make to the participant's experience.

To watch the DVD online click here

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