Following on from our successful Gem programme we are now proud to be working as part of the outreach hub team for ESHO.

Are you interested in volunteering or employment but not sure how?

ESHO (Employment Skills Hub Outreach) is working in partnership with Art Shape to support people to get closer to employment. You may not feel ready for employment yet, but we can support you with personalised goals to get a step closer.

If you are on ESA, PIP OR UNIVERSAL CREDIT (but not required to job search as you have a sick note), you are eligible for 1.1 support with our Education and Skills coordinations.

To find out more contact: or or call 01452 869855

Read Stacey's success story

Stacey had previously been supported by GEM and Artshape. Unfortunately, her anxiety prevented her from continuing with her job opportunity. Stacey felt stuck and needed some support to help her move forward again.

Fast forward to ESHO. Stacey has worked really hard and has been thoroughly committed to her new vocational role where she will work as a Tutor for adults in creativity and Art. Stacey is now enrolled on the level three AET course with adult education and is completing her qualification as a lived experience tutor. Stacey hopes to spread the word about wellbeing and mental health when teaching using her journey and supporting other individuals who may feel like she once did and educating people about the best way to support individuals when struggling with their mental health wellness. Stacey wants to be the person that she needed all those years ago for her future students.

“Looking back on my journey I can truly see how much has changed for me, I am able to go out to cafes and read there, I have made friends through Artshape and ESHO, people that are a massive part of my life now. I never thought that I would be able to have friends that I could go out with and have zooms and courses together.”

“Something big that has changed is my ability to try new things and put myself in new situations which I find really challenging but I am able to use the tools I have gained through therapy and art to deal with those moments, push through and truly enjoy the experience. I am looking to my future now, a future I didn’t think I would have before. It’s exciting. I have been very inspired by the supportive people I have had helping me on my journey and it is something that I want to do for others. I want to help others by being that person that I needed in those hard times. I want to create safe and fun spaces for people who feel like I do sometimes.”



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