Highly Visible

On Saturday, 23 July 2011, Art Shape students donned fabulous circus themed hats, costumes and props they had made as they paraded through Gloucester town centre with the Gloucester Carnival.

For the last 6 weeks workshop participants have worked, alongside Artist Jane Clatworthy, creating circus theme carnival garments and props for the day of the Carnival.

They collaborated with performance artist Roger Drury to develop and stage a piece of performance art on the day.

The hats, costumes and clowns were made from a combination of willow withies, bamboo, papier-mâché and recycled materials.

The creation of these pieces incorporated artistic processes such as block and screen printing, felting, collage and paint.

The aim of this project was to encourage our students to have a ‘highly visible’ and positive role taking part in, and being included in, a large Gloucester public event.

Funding for this particular project came from Gloucester City Community Development Grants, enabling us to develop an entry to the Gloucester Carnival this year.

The project benefited greatly from the involvement of volunteers in both in artistic, supportive and administrative roles.

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